Advantage of Job Board

There are plenty of job boards taking shape like TechCrunch’s CrunchBorad, and 37signals and India’s own Will these Job Board survive in the face of big competition from The Monster 🙂 I think Monster is a big player having all the muscle to compete on a larger scale and also they are working on a volume based market segment whereas job boards are primarily niche market segment like publishing jobs which are very much technology professionals, key positions, startup jobs, etc. Therefore job board and the job portal(monster and all) are for different market segments.

What are the advantages :-

When a company puts job advertisement, the same gets hidden inside big ocean but if use job board it is going to be live for many days and visible to million of visitors.

Some job board also have blogging features enabled (like in allows community participation, there is a disadvantage to wrong publicity but if managed well community can guide career opportunity seeker to the employer.

Job Boards are on top edge of the technology, so as technology introduce new ways, Job Boards will be the first to pick it up and provide that leading advantage.

Some Job Board give facility like subscribing to certain type of jobs through feed readers, for example “send me all java jobs” or “send me all start up jobs”, these create a community of follower of the job board and creates cross referral of the jobs.
Any other advantage ? kindly suggest.


26 Responses to “Advantage of Job Board”

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