UK Civil servants struggling with move away from paper

Computing Magazine says : Survey suggests some in Whitehall have problems getting used to the electronic age

Nearly half of civil servants have admitted sending out wrong documentation, while some government departments still rely on paper rather than electronic documents, according to new research.

‘It is increasingly important for public sector bodies to have clear guidelines on how to manage information that is circulating inside and outside companies in order to achieve the twin objectives of meeting compliance regulations and organisational efficiency. Organisations must assess how information is stored, how it can be accessed, what electronic transactions are legally binding and above all, the appropriate enabling information management systems to control information flow.’


Online Royal Mail Postage : Where is time saving?

BBC story : “You would have heard about Royal Mail online postage service .

Customers pay for postage by credit card over the internet for first-class, second-class, recorded, special and international deliveries.
Each item of mail is given a barcode, printed off at home, and regular mail can then be posted in a post box.

But recorded and special delivery items must still be taken to a Post Office.”

So you will only save time if you are sending ordinary posts. I think the system still far from mass usage (read corporate, also primarily small business) unless there are ways to avoid going to post office even for recorded and special delivery items.

Leadership lessons from Bosch’s “CEO”

Franz Fehrenbach : Bosch’s “CEO” in this FT(subscription) article talks about Leadership lessons :

In a team you don’t always need to be the best but you need to bring the best out of them team!!

It is extremely imporatant that you have experienced foreign cultures!

The world is so complex that it is only through teamwork that you can be successful. it’s a team, yes, but a team with a head and clearly defined responsibilities.

The State Of The Indian Internet Market

ContentSutra has a report on “The State Of The Indian Internet Market”. Some revelations

**India has approx. 45mn Internet users; only around 10mn are power users (for research and ecommerce)
**Lack of credit card penetration hampers growth, but alternate modes of payment are emerging.
**Non-standardized ecommerce products will take time to gain traction

Smaller companies in the UK’s Yorkshire and Humber do not use a computer!! (subscription) : Almost a third of smaller companies in the UK’s Yorkshire and Humber region admit that they do not use a computer. Half say that they do not have broadband and more than a third have yet to connect to the internet.

I think this is startling revelation of a great market not getting looked after. In my previous job, my employer was based in Leeds and I always used to think Yorkshire must have lot of software services providers.

The article also says : The lack of an in-house expert to manage IT, and the fear of becoming dependent on one person or one external supplier or consultant for IT expertise is also a deterrent.

I think this is a classic case of web2.0 widget based solutions like WordPress, TextPattern, TypePad, and others can create solutions which are driven by community and there is non fear of getting trapped. However from an economics point of view, only small service providers will try to be in this market due to less revenue proposition but I bet this is a market a startup IT service provider must look into.

Roger Kondrat’s Web2.0 Event

I was invited to Roger’s web2.0 event, it was a superb event. Here are my comments about the event…

I met lot of young entrepreneurs and felt worth of mentioning them for my audience here. Don’t ask me why I am writing now after 2 weeks … I had a manic time with loads of study to catch up and software to develop for our customers.

Here are the people I met and their blogs.

Roger Kondrat –
Ewan J. MacLeod –
Sumon –
Chris –
Chris –
Darren –
James –