Roger Kondrat’s Web2.0 Event

I was invited to Roger’s web2.0 event, it was a superb event. Here are my comments about the event…

I met lot of young entrepreneurs and felt worth of mentioning them for my audience here. Don’t ask me why I am writing now after 2 weeks … I had a manic time with loads of study to catch up and software to develop for our customers.

Here are the people I met and their blogs.

Roger Kondrat –
Ewan J. MacLeod –
Sumon –
Chris –
Chris –
Darren –
James –


8 Responses to “Roger Kondrat’s Web2.0 Event”

  1. Darren Straight Says:

    Hey hey dude thanks for the link back, it’s nice to see someone else blog about the event! 🙂

    And hey next time we shall have a longer conversation! 😉

  2. Ewan J. MacLeod Says:

    Really enjoyed the event Roger — excellent people — I look forward to the next!

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