Why Asian Startup companies can’t create revolution to topple established players?

Startup in USA and many other western countries are known for their persuasive breakthroughs bringing radical changes to customer’s need and preference and thereby causing massive impact to the established players. Recent example being Skype(causing trouble to established telcos), Jobster (causing trouble to Monster), MySpace (displaced Friendster), many other such examples.

However if you analyse Asian market, once a player gets established, it is fairly difficult for a Startup company to topple them. Why so?

I don’t know the exact answer, but yes I have few suggestions that may be some of the following factors are the reason behind such phenomena. Note – These factors are generalized but there are exceptions

1. Asian market has more loyal customers attached to an old service provider and they don’t try new service provider ?
2. Fear of failure, therefore Startup companies are very reluctant to try something different ?
3. Because Asian culture and mindset in general is “survival” type ?
4. Lack of funding or investment support to make that BIG decision ?
5. More Asians are follower type than leader type?

There can be more…


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