Blog direct from train :)

Yeah you read that perfectly, I liked the concept of (mob)blogging  from train, got to know about it via SMS Text News blog site …find out more about train blog :

Also read the comments 🙂 some funny ones as below

29.09 09:07 Ipswich Station

“Is it me, or is the man working at WH Smiths in the Station in the morning the rudest, miserablist bloke in the world ? Puts me in a bad mood even BEFORE I get on the train !”

27.09 15:46 Known problems ahead

“Why do One wait until you’ve boarded a train and moved 100 yards before telling you there are massive delays ahead? I’d rather know BEFORE I get on.” See more of these comments in

I liked this concept because

–I can use it to tell my wife (instead of spending on phone call, can send SMS to train blog 😉 that I am stuck inside train (I have been pissed of  innumerable times for the travel between from Guildford to Wimbledon)

–Instead of browsing all possible rail operator website (btw they never update it or update when there is no problem 😉 ..I can reliably browse Train Blog site to know travel updates instantly. Note – Hey Train Blog folks, I think you should add a feature to categorise, like user adding travel issue comments (like accident, train line blockage, etc) should go under category “Travel cautions”. I believe this will help community a lot. But reliability of such updates will be an issue.

–I can read real time funny comments 🙂

All the best Train Blog team ! way to go!


5 Responses to “Blog direct from train :)”

  1. American People Says:

    Your site sure got some useful information!

  2. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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