Google Code Search Vs Krugle

TechCrunch about Google Code Search… I did a comparison between Google Code Search and Krugle

I had done couple of searches using Krugle in the past here here, I had found plenty of reference to stale projects in SourceForge or some other Forge 😉 !!
To be a smart Code search engine, there has to be certain algorithm (PageRank type) which ranks search results based on usability, reference in other code and various other factors..
I did a search again today to compare Krugle and Google Code search for “shopping cart” and language “java”. Krugle showed 90% Sourceforge project code and Google showed 90% code from variety projects!!!  I like variety.

I think Krulge folks will be left behind in this game unless they get away with this drop down feature to choose language (put that in advanced) and index variety of proejcts, only “nutch” based search won’t help once Google enters in the game!!


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