How to find Best Bloggers?

Folks, tell me how do I find best bloggers on variety of topics. I don’t want to go via Technorati or search thousands of Feeds, any other route?

I think having a social blogger network which rates blogger based on content and endorsement/appreciation from fellow bloggers and other aspects will solve the problem of searching top bloggers. For instance I found Helen’s Musings of a mobile marketer blog via Ewan’s blog SMStextNews, Beers & Innovation blog and Marketing Nirvana via Roger’s  Technological Winter Blog.

I instantly liked all the above blog, their contents are excellent and they have fellow blogger appreciation.

But can we apply the same parameter to create a bloggers rating system? There are already such mechanism in place like but I don’t think they work as there is no way they let me know who wrote an excellent article on innovation on mobile recently, whose article has been read across many part of the world, etc etc.

Suggest if you know such rating systems.


5 Responses to “How to find Best Bloggers?”

  1. Roger Kondrat Says:

    I think you have a point, that there should be a service like this and I think it is surprising that Technorati hasn’t addressed this. I think they tried when they added Authority but there should be more social aspects to Authority than just links as you suggest.

    Santosh build it! 🙂

  2. Madhur Khandelwal Says:

    You are right, we need something like a Suggestica for blogs. I have bootstrapped my blogroll starting from a few known ones and reading their blogrolls and so on.

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  5. All Things History Says:

    Glad to be here for the first time. Will certainly check back soon.

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