Matt Buck’s Cartoons & experience of internet impacts

Have you seen Matt Buck‘s Blog

I got to visit his blog while reading Guardian Unlimited, his following post opened my eyes of how Internet is changing pattern of doing things and thereby creating and also destroying innumerable industy.

Courtesy Matt Buck’s Blog : Working in the print industry, as so many cartoonists do, has been a very interesting experience this year. The second coming of the internet appears finally to have arrived and many of our traditional markets are disappearing as business finally cottons onto the fact that people like getting their news via screens.

This implies a massive change, not only for the self-employed seeking new places to work, but also more brutally for a lot of staffers who are discovering that there is no real job security in a moving marketplace. …..

Attached is his Cartoon



10 Responses to “Matt Buck’s Cartoons & experience of internet impacts”

  1. matt Says:


    Thanks for picking uup my post – and I took your advice about the links. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. matt Says:

    Furter experiences of life on the web can be found here … entry for

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007
    Copyright + pinching imagery

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