Why Government web sites are so dumb?

One thing is common across many of the government websites : they are so dumb. There are 1001 govt. policies aimed to make IT reach masses like web accessibility, easy to use, informative to citizens but while applying the govt. websites itself miss to implement those policies!!! Ohh thats rude but I am afraid that’s right.

I read an article about BrandIndex, which is a daily measure of public perception (in UK) of more than 1,100 consumer brands across 32 sectors, measured on a 7-point profile: general impression, ‘buzz’, quality, value, corporate image, customer satisfaction and whether respondents would recommend the brand to a friend. We interview 2,000 people from our online panel of more than 130,000 each weekday, more than half a million interviews per year.
Having focus on IT industry, I thought I can see all the reports and clicked “DailyData” in the menu. I was asked to login 🙂 I looked option to register!! O Gosh I dint find register option, the only option I see is Sign up for our weekly newsletter!!

I dont get this,BrandIndex is about daily measure of public perception and they have online panel…. etc…but the very basic Web Accessibility not in place, navigation is poor ………….

I then clicked on “YouGov” link which took me to YouGov page where I see “New panel member Sign here” 🙂 …common BrandIndex Web Team, the layman will never know that they have to go to YouGov, where did you mention that?


2 Responses to “Why Government web sites are so dumb?”

  1. Card Shufflers Info Says:

    Beautiful daily news website developer!

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