Enterprising Young Brits!!

enterprisingyoungbritslarge.gifPart of the Make Your Mark – start talking ideas campaign, the competition is open to anyone aged 30 and under who has grown their own idea, exploited an opportunity, or developed a new way of doing things. The judges are looking for a balance of commercial flair and creativity, and will reward not just the quality of the idea, but also how you made it happen. This could be by starting up a business, developing a social enterprise, or doing something enterprising in order to help others.


Business Entrepreneur –
For enterprising individuals that have started their own business, large or small.

Social and Environmental –
For ventures combining the principles of a successful business with an emphasis on the social and community benefits it can provide.

Innovation at Work –
For someone who has had an idea and made it happen within their workplace.

Teen –
For anybody making an idea happen who is aged 13-19.

Creative –
For enterprising individuals, businesses and endeavors in the creative industries.


Find all details in http://www.starttalkingideas.org/youngbrits/

October 23 is deadline for submitting your entry!!!


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