aql : Impressive Mobile Solutions!!

aql has developed fantastic application all aimed at making your mobile really participate in day today world!!  Though you can view all about them in their website, I felt it will be worth to let my readers know in brief about various product/service they provide. They are as follows

Ex SMS-WAP customer?
We have developed a gateway which attempts to emulate the old sms-wap ringtone, logo and text HTTP Post interface.

Email to SMS Gateway (outgoing messages)
If you are looking for a quick and simple way to add SMS functionality to your service, or your systems are already setup with email notification then have them relayed to you as text messages via our email to sms service.

Premium rate billing (Shortcode) services
aql offer a simple-to-integrate API for use with our premium rate mobile terminated (MT) billing services. Click here to download the connection documentation. Ordering a shortcode cannot be done via our website – please contact us to discuss any aspect of our shortcode or premium services. If you are unfamiliar with the SMPP protocol, we also offer an HTTP/HTTPS gateway which offers simple integration.

HTTP/HTTPS Gateway (outgoing messages)
Developers can use HTTP posts to interface with our systems for outgoing messages, now supporting postback confirmation for message delivery, for more details click here.

HTTP/HTTPS Speech Synthesis (text to voice call)
Developers can send HTTP post data to our speech synthesis gateway. Our platforms will then convert this text data into speech (english only) and call a specified number with the synthesized message. This service is ideal as the basis for services for the blind or visually impaired or for messaging to networks which cannot accept text messages.

Extended HTTP/HTTPS Gateway (address book and distribution list sync)
Developers can integrate our address book and distribution list features via this powerful API. This includes uploading and modifying addressbooks, distribution lists. (note – needs to be used in conjunction with our standard Gateway).

SMPP/SMPP(SSL) Gateway (outgoing messages)
High volume operators can use our SMPP gateway for message delivery.

XML-SOAP / Web Service Gateway
Developers can use our SOAP Gateway to quickly interface their systems to SOAP is supported by most of the available technologies including  the .NET Framework and Java.

MMS Gateway
Ringtone Gateway
Ringtone Content Gateway
Resellers – SMS site bundle

In response to numerous enquiries from resellers, aql has created a collection of scripts which form a simple SMS website which can be re-branded by resellers and hosted on their own servers. It allows users to sign up and also for an administrator to assign credits.

I also heard they have a solution which does SMS to RSS feed conversion!! Though couldn’t locate more about this in their website, do you know any such convrter app (SMS to RSS Feed)?


One Response to “aql : Impressive Mobile Solutions!!”

  1. neil Says:


    although we don’t directly supply sms to rss product, we do provide a sms to http api which it would be straightforward to use for creating rss feeds and i’m sure many other things.

    information about using the api can be found here : sms to http api.

    recently we have introduced a mms to http service which can be used (among many other things) to publish by mms from your camerahpone direct to flickr.

    see our howto here : guide to sending MMS to Flickr

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