Who would have thought 20 years back that Elephants will get to wear Microchips

Who would have thought 20 years back that Elephants will get to wear Microchips 🙂

BBC article : Microchip for Mumbai Elephants.

Elephants in India’s financial capital Mumbai are to receive microchip ‘licence plates’  …The implants cost 200 rupees ($4.40) and will be ready to be implanted into the animals’ ears over the next month.

In Another article,e-ration card is being introduced to check black marketing of daily goods

A computer-based automated ration card and public distribution management system would be set up under a pilot project which would connect the shopkeeper, the warehouse and the consumer through computers,” said an official.

The company said the e-ration card system would enable monitoring of fair price shops from one place, which in turn would help checking black marketing of commodities.
==> We human being believe technology is the cure for all evil but then we also create evil to break the technology. Anyway to change the evil (like black marketing & corruption) which has lasted for centuries in India, I think technology solution will be one angle to solve this..

I think the social media and explosion of new media will revolutionise countries like India, because information is flowing and can no longer be hidden from layman and can’t be manipulated for goverment agency benefits. However there must be initiative from government to create independent information hubs which assures relaibility of information. I will address this in a separate article.


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