User generated content, will money change everything?

In Clickz, there is a great post about User generated content, will money change everything by Rebecca Lieb.

She has excellent compilation of cases

Quote :

Social Sites Start Paying

Ignoring for a moment how high agency billable hours for conceiving and creating all the aforementioned campaigns might be, there’s a small but growing trend toward monetizing user-generated content. Revver appends ads to the user-submitted videos on its site and splits the take down the middle with the content creators. There’s even a cut for an affiliate, if one’s in the mix.

Sure, the majority of citizen content creators are in it for the glory, a little recognition, a chance to be heard, or even to publish. And yes, winning a contest to create a Super Bowl ad would certainly spruce up an ambitious college student’s résumé.

But isn’t there something just a little miserly and crass about major brands like L’Oréal and Chevrolet turning the tables on Web 2.0 and customer control? Certainly their agencies can’t be happy when the account goes up for review and their rival’s willing to work for a one-year supply of breath mints.

Will it be long before diamonds in the rough emerge from corners of the Web other than the blogosphere and demand to be paid what they’re truly worth?


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