Oracle is considering launching its own Linux operating system?

This article talks about a rumor : Oracle is considering launching its own Linux operating system?

If Oracle goes into Linux, it will be able to deliver custom-made complete packages that will include both the operating system and all applications needed.

Rumors are that Oracle has its eyes on Linux releasers RedHat or Ubuntu maker Canonical for partnership (buyout?!). Linux is a popular platform for database servers. It was rumored Oracle is looking forward to introducing an Ubuntu-anchored software stack (OS-apps software bundle). Oracle’s offer could include even a dedicated hardware solution for it.

==> I think this is bound to happen because Oracle is depending too much on IBM, MS and Apple for operating system. Linux is that zigsaw which will solve Oracle’s puzzle of having an OS and application on top of it and also drive into open source.
Will they buy Redhat ๐Ÿ™‚ ..with that they will get Linux and also JBoss which RedHat had acquired few months back. JBoss has become the best Java/J2EE Application Server whereas Oracle’s Application server could never be in the top league. Infact there was a rumor going on whether JBoss will be acquired by Oracle. But RedHat acquired. May be time for them to buy both at one shot ๐Ÿ™‚


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