MyBlogLog : Way to Create Your Own Blogging Community

We all bloggers happen to know each other through tag, feeds, in meetup events, via Blogging platfrom Dashboards, etc. Once known, either the connection remains through regular visits, feeds or in community meetup events or we again go back to the original mode of meeting by chance. Now for me that was big NO-NO in blogging. Why do we blog? Atleast I blog to participate in a community where I can learn and share.

I started with Blogging with Blogger, with its community flavour , I though it will be great to know fellow bloggers. But soon I was disappointed that there is nothing much tools to explore, and build my own community. Then the cool WordPress came and I was fascinated (I am still) in its community driven Dashboard, tagging and other features. However I was still felling some uneasy, why can’t I see my fellow Blogger communities. There is kind of fence separating the bigger community. I was also searching in an article how to find best bloggers
This week I landed in MyBlogLog through TechCrunch. I instantly got what I was looking for so many days of blogging!!! Communities which I can see, feel, join irrespective of what platform they use, whether I have them in my blogroll or not, even if I haven’t heard about them from anywhere!!

I am happy that I am no longer blogging alone 😉


One Response to “MyBlogLog : Way to Create Your Own Blogging Community”

  1. Technological Winter » Blog Archives » Another community building tool Says:

    […] A new way of enhancing the community around your blog or website. MyBlogLog : Way to Create Your Own Blogging Community […]

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