BT hiring 6000 staff in India & Earning $250 million by 2009

BBC reports : BT has also formed an alliance with Indian firm Jubilant Enpro in order to seek out opportunities in the market. India is one of the world’s fastest growing telecoms markets but it is fragmented and service levels vary. BT said it believed its Indian business could generate sales of $250m by 2009.

My Thoughts : To my friends/bloggers in UK, whom I have been meeting in various meetups and events. One thing which always puzzle me in UK is 90% people believe Globalization is one way ..that means everything from UK is going to go away to India/Asia/some other developing countries. However I keep saying the Globalization is multiway, it is bound to produce benefits for overall economy and make market more competitive. Hopefully they see the benefit of “250 million $” sales of BT from India.

Come on folks, time to embrace fast-paced globalization, give in one hand and take in 2 hands 🙂 or other way depending upon competitiveness.


6 Responses to “BT hiring 6000 staff in India & Earning $250 million by 2009”

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