How successful is ePaper?

I first got an access to read Indian newspaper online in full content as ePaper while I was living in Helsinki, Finland during 2000. I was happy reading Times of India’s ePaper seeing every Indian city edition and was having instant access to my favourite section there.
Life has moved on since then, many newspaper has added ePaper and now living in UK I wonder that I dont see such initiative from many in UK though has such facilities.

With small scale CMS, hundred of free online news, bloggers publishing information steadily, I am no longer a fan of ePaper and this random news feed makes me to be on the tip of information-berg and no longer bound by a single soure. So in one way I am liberated.
Has the ePaper been a success ?? I don’t think so because no longer reader treat one newspaper as the only reliable or centre of new information. This pattern has been broken to pieces with information popping from various corners.
However new technology such as paperless newspaper or electronic paper will further enable traditional newspaper to stay ahead in competition with and may make ePaper approach relavant. But what stops disintegrated news source to integrate to offer a electronic paper. So the user has flexibility to choose what they want to read and the same will be packaged and delivered. Therefore it is better to stay disintegrated at this moment and get integrated later. For now ePaper has not much value offerings.