Every Intellectual property at Google’s doorstep?

To me sounds like Google is ready to buy any intellectual property they find useful for their stack. Now they bought JotSpot. I had thought that with Writely, it will be enough for Google to build their own Intellctual property around it and build a classic application. However it looks like every valuable Intellecutal propery is knocking Google’s door. What might be the reason?

I think Google is at the juncture where Microsoft was when it was building up stacks to launch Office suite buying from every possible solution provider to build Word, Excel or other Office products. Rather than spending huge R&D upfront to build such subsystems, they are getting pieces to stich them for the final product.

While writing this, I find readwriteweb aricle on Elephants and Evolution very interesting because it conveys that Google can’t do everything …therefore hold onto your intellectual property and go solo πŸ™‚ Can you?


Google Co-op will seal fate of few Vertical Search engines

Google Co-op will seal fate of few Vertical Search engines
Have you heard about Google Co-op? You can build your own vertical search engine on top of Google using Google Co-Op !!!!!
Though this is released in May but now it has gone in full public mode and anybody can access this co-op partner program from Google.

Now think for a second what will happen to those vertical search engines having invested millions in building their own solutions!!! I think some of them are doomed unless they have value added service in addition to the vertical search. Let’s take example of Vertical Job sites (avoiding naming some of them ;), some of them are plain vanilla ones without any value addition. Now with Google Co-op anybody (with little higher technical knowledge) can launch a vertical job search engine in few days time. And on top they can put the investment completely to value addition services making mockery of the independent vertical search engines (non-Google ones)!!!

Remember: There is always room for innovations and in my example I am taking cases of those which are dummy vertical search engines)

For me now the real Vertical Search Engine war has begun. Also I think with this, Google is combining social search with vertical flavour and allowing community to mushroom around it.

Google has played the check step and launching the community soldier to play checkmate step. πŸ™‚