Some tips from India’s successful entrepreneurs

Rediff has an article on India’s millionaire Net entrepreneur, some tips from these successful entrepreneurs

Sanjeev Bikhchandani ( says :

“With no venture capital ready to fund us, we realised from the beginning that we had to earn revenue from day one to stay afloat and cover our costs.”

“Today investors are ready to give high valuations to Net companies and want to grab companies that have a first-mover advantage in their space. Or those that have a dominant market share, a good brand and, of course, if they already are profitable”.

Deep Kalra ( says : “If you can’t deliver the service at the most efficient price, at the right time, and map all the customer queries effectively, users are not going to come back to you.”


Excellent list of questions that management teams should ask

I read this post of Andy Sacks via Ed Sim’s blog.

  1. What are the hardest problems in our current business approach – the market issues that we keep struggling with over and over?
  2. What’s (surprisingly) easy about our business – the things that are working better than expected?
  3. Where’s the parade?  What major trends are we trying to get in front of with our business?

What would our business look like If we:

  • Stopped trying to do what’s hard,
  • Did more of the things that are easy, and
  • Made sure we were in front of the biggest parade we can find?

I think this is an excellent list of questions that management teams should ask themselves about their business every six months or so.

Valuable thoughts from Tom Peters on Noble Peace Prize Winner

Muhammad Yunus, the Noble Peace Prize Winner of 2006 is a rare hope to millions in Bangladesh and also bound to create more social entrepreneur in South East Asia.

Tom Peter writes in his blog

The story, of course, is amazing. Moreover, it dovetails with all of my Primary Biases:

Small can be beautiful & powerful!
People first!
Women rule!!!!!!!!
Giant forests from tiny seedlings!
Self reliance!
Community based!
Self/Small group management!
Banish the bureaucrats!
Keep it simple, stupid!
Hands on!